September 23, 2018


First the answer for the last blogs quiz was…….

A) Pancreas (膵臓)

Now on to the blog…..

Today’s is a quote by Robert Green Ingersoll

Yes, his name is a mouthful and you probably have no idea who he is…..

but he was a pretty smart man and a “good lawyer”.

On to the...

September 20, 2018


Today’s topic is about one of my favorite Japanese saying.


Sorry, but I will not translate this to English.......

because little to say, we don’t have this saying in English......

and the translations I have seen don’t really grasp the fullness of th...

September 18, 2018


Hello again,

Today’s topic comes from a picture I had seen. 

The picture’s caption is “Be thankful for what you have”.

I wonder though… is that truly enough

What are your thoughts?….


caption: 表題    be thankful: 感謝すべき, をありがたがって


September 12, 2018


Long time no see...

Today’s quote was mentioned in a lesson the other day by one of my students and was by the Roman philosopher Seneca.

There are many similar quotes, but the original is:

“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity” 

 This quote r...

September 4, 2018

In today’s blog I’d like to talk about motivation (動機付け). 

Without getting into any deep explanation. 

Motivation is having the drive (やる気) and the will (志) to do something you want.

In general most people find it hard to motivate themselves, but like most things, once yo...

September 2, 2018

This time's entry will be shortish.... I think ,

The answers to the last blog are...

1) After Golden Week, we all long for another long vacation.

The answer, "long for" (~を心から望む) means to want or yearn for something.

Compare to the "long vacation" which is 長い休暇.

2) During t...

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