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Snake in the grass!!!

Snake in bush 01!

Ok, so maybe it’s more of a snake in a bush, but you get the gist. I’ve been slacking on my gardening of late and while walking to the local grocer this little lady poked her head out. How do I know it’s a her? The eyelashes of course. Was I frighten!? Nope. The country life of Japan has kind of dulled my senses. After dealing with hand sized spiders; playful named "monkey hands", (another story for another day) and centipedes; which make enough noise to wake you from your sleep as they walk across the floor. This little gal could be considered cute. On to the Lesson!

Snake in the grass is an idiom used to describe a tricky or deceitful person.

snake in the grass:

One who feigns friendship with the intent to deceive. Did you hear that Daria's best friend stole money from her bank account? What a snake in the grass.*

* From Farlex Dictionary of Idioms:"a snake in the grass." Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. 2015. Farlex, Inc 5 Aug. 2018

So next time an Obachan slips in front of you at the checkout line or a friend asks you to buy them a can of juice, but never seems to offer the same in turn. Hit them with a “you snake in the grass! P.S.- I’m not responsible for any problems which may occur from calling friends or old people limbless animals. P.S.S- If you looked for the eyelashes on the snake in the photo… Gottach! Snakes don’t have eyelashes silly… or do they???

Snake in a bush 02!


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