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何でだろう? aka Why is that?

Sorry for the delay in blogging, but I was busy with Obon….

ok not really, but I was a bit busy.

Speaking of Obon….

Most people who live in Japan know of it as the time of year when family members gather and pay homage to their ancestors.

Have you ever noticed though that’s it’s not a legit national holiday?

Why is that…?

Multiple Choice time!

Is it because ….

A) There is a rule that says there can only be a max of 16 holidays a year

B) It is a national holiday

C) There are religious reasons

D) Different area in Japan celebrate at different time

Tell you the answer in the next blog ;-)


pay homage to: ~に敬意を表する

ancestors: 祖先 legit: 本物の

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