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Generation Gap


Evening!!! Today’s blog is based on a question one of my students posed in class.

“When have you felt a generation gap?”

Difference between the young and old.

This is a very profound question, because the feeling of a generation gap doesn't go one way.

Generation gaps can be felt by the young and older (not old…. just older).

Personally, I feel a generation gap whenever I look at the video games nowadays. Not to date myself, but I’m from the days when Mario and Duck Hunt were where it was at. Bonk was high tech then.

But enough about me, I’d like to hear of other people’s experiences.

“When have you felt a generation gap?”

Please reply in class, on LINE, or Facebook.

Till next time.


questions posed by :(人)から提出された[が提起した]質問

generation gap: 世代間のギャップ

profound question: 奥の深い疑問[質問]

nowadays: 現今, 最近

date one’s self: 年齢をばらす

where it's at: 最も面白い

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