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Blanks! 空白


As all my students know, I like to review previously learned vocabulary using sentence blanks.

Fill in the blank circle

As this is the first time for this type of blog, I will let you all know that the vocabulary comes from the August 9th’s blog:

Let’s begin!

注意:鬼レベル がんばって!

Warning: Level Intermediate to hard. Fight!

1) After Golden Week, we all _____ ___ another long vacation.

2) During the marathon, Alice _______ the lead and won the race.

3) In any competition, it’s not the fastest or the strongest who wins, but the person who _________.


review: 批評する vocabulary: 語彙 lead: 先頭, リード

previously:前に blank: 空白 Intermediate: 中級の competition: 競争, コンペ


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