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Long time no see! Today's blog is by me Mario!

Ant and Peach

Just kidding.

It's me Antoine.

Today's blog is going to be a quiz based on the vocabulary Momo sensei had previously used.

Good Luck!!!

From 2/27

  1. ___________ can sometimes use their horns to attack.

A) giraffe


C) Hippopotamus

From 2/23: どちらが正しいでしょう?

  1. On sunny days, I like to go riding on my _______________ .

A) オートバイ


C) モーターサイクル

From 3/3

  1. Where did she first run in a marathon?

A) Okinawa

B) Kagoshima

C) Yoron

The answers are…..

B, C and C

I hope you all did well! Til next time. 英語を楽しもう!!!!

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