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Who is Ari Sensei? 







Antoine J. White

- 1979: Born and raised in Manhattan, New York


- 2001: Graduated from Drew University with high standing; Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology


- 2001: Completed The College of Saint Elizabeth’s Standard and Special Education programs: K through 12 grade teaching certificates.


- 2001: Came to Japan as part of the Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program.


- 2010: Graduated from Bowie State University: Masters of Art (MA) in Counseling Psychology.


- 2012: Open the Reality English Academy (REA)


    I’ve had the chance to work in a number of varying positions from working as translator, being a high school homeroom teacher here in Japan, and even working in movie casting. In all those varying and very interesting experiences the one job that has always called to me is that of being an English teacher. I feel that my educational background, experiences, and (most importantly) my students have contributed to making me a first-rate English teacher. I feel this way so much in fact, that if after your first English lesson, you are not pleased, the lesson is on me (free).

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