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It’s too hot for cookies…

As some people may know, a side from motorcycles and weight training, one of my hobbies are baking (I know it makes sense right). As anyone who has ever visited our house could tell you, we usually have some baked good or the other sitting on the dining table.

As we’ve been busy of late, I haven’t had a chance to bake for the kids (a side from pizza night, which is a sacred family tradition) so I decided to make the kids some cookies. As Japan is having a bit of a heat wave, this wasn’t one of my best ideas of late. Long story short… I must have had some mini blackouts, due to the heat, because my proportioning was a bit off. Way too much flour I think for one thing (for all the bakers out there).

What can I say but, that’s the way the cookies crumbs (cheesy line executed;-).

Cookies cooling on a rack.

Lots of cookies in a jar.


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