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An easy life…

Today’s blog (Now with Japanese! 日本語入り!) will focus on a quote from a famous person in history. Who do you think it is?

“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”


I chose this quote because in times of difficulty, we often pray for things to get better.

We hope for people to change their mind and to do things in our favor, yet we don’t think of how the hardship will make us a better and stronger person.

Benjamin Franklin said “there are no gains without pain” "痛みなくして得るものなし"

and any successful athlete, body builder or business owner can tell you this is true. So why do so many long for an easier life? What can be gained? Maybe I’m being to deep? 深く考え過ぎるかなあ?

Multiple choice time!

A) Bob Marley

B) Bruce Lee

C)Mahatma Gandhi

D) Maya Angelou

The answer will be posted in the next blog!


strength: 力 endure: 耐える hardship: 困難 gains: 上昇する long for: ~を心から望む

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