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Tashiro Festival!

This Saturday my wife and I will be at Tashiro Matsuri.

It’s a little local festival which is held here in Minamikyushu-shi's Kawanabe

It will be held at Tashiro Elementary, which will be sadly closing soon :-(



All who are interested please feel free to attend. Parking is within the school grounds

and it’s really a quaint little festival.

Now for the answer of the other day’s quiz!

The answer is ….

B) Bruce Lee

Many tend to think that those of the martial arts and more physical areas, are not too deep (or smart for that matter).

However, the discipline needed to become a master in any field, usually makes for an enlightened person.

Till next….


local: 地元の feel free to: 自由に~する quaint:古風な tend:ある方向へ martial art:武道 deep:深い

discipline:に自制心を持たせる field:分野 enlighten:~を啓発する


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