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The answer is....

Hello again all,

Obon has passed and the weather is finally starting to cool down. Thank goodness!

Then again, maybe it’s the approaching typhoons which have changed the weather, in which case, thank badness?

Anyway…. on to the answer to last time’s quiz! 何でだろう?

The answer to why Obon is not a legit holiday is ……

The world and religions

C) There are religious reasons

While Japan is some what open when it comes to religion. There are two central religions.

Buddhism and Shinto

I’ll try to explain this without stepping on any toes….

Obon is a Buddhist religious event.

Shinto is a state supported religion with ties to Japan’s monarchy.

There I believe no toes have been injured.

Religion is a touchy topic.


Thank goodness: ~とはありがたい legit: 本物の religious: 宗教的な

Buddhism: 仏教 Shinto:神道 step on (one’s) toes: (人)を怒らせる

state support: 国家的な支援 ties: 絆 monarchy: 君主国 touchy: 怒りっぽい


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