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The Answers are....

This time's entry will be shortish.... I think ,

The answers to the last blog are...

Fill in the blank (circle)

1) After Golden Week, we all long for another long vacation.

The answer, "long for" (~を心から望む) means to want or yearn for something.

Compare to the "long vacation" which is 長い休暇.

2) During the marathon, Alice gained the lead and won the race.

The answer, "gained" is used similar to achieve (上昇する).

3) In any competition, it’s not the fastest or the strongest who wins, but the person who endures.

The answer, "endure" is used similar to bear (耐える) it's also similar to the Japanese word, gambaru (頑張る).

Till next time ;-)

This time was a bit difficult, but never give up.

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