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How to get lucky...


Long time no see...

Today’s quote was mentioned in a lesson the other day by one of my students and was by the Roman philosopher Seneca.

There are many similar quotes, but the original is:

“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity

People Making a lucky clover.

This quote reminds us that luck doesn’t just happen, and that we can actually make our own luck.

People aren’t really lucky or unlucky, they are just ready or not ready to seize an opportunity…

or not.


Long time no see...: お久しぶり mentioned: 言及される

philosopher: 古代の哲学者, 哲人セネカ Preparation: 用意、準備

opportunity: 機会(良い機会) reminds: 思い出させる actually: 現に

seize: つかむ

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