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First the answer for the last blogs quiz was…….

A) Pancreas (膵臓)

Now on to the blog…..

Today’s is a quote by Robert Green Ingersoll

Yes, his name is a mouthful and you probably have no idea who he is…..

but he was a pretty smart man and a “good lawyer”.

On to the quote,

picture quote

Boom! Mind blown!

Mic drop.



mouthful: 言いにくい長い言葉

probably: 多分 have no idea: 全く分からない

pretty: かなり smart: 頭がいい lawyer: 弁護士

anger: 怒り wind: 風 blow out: 吹き消す

lamp: 灯火 mind: 心 (でも英語のmindは思考・感情, 精神)

Boom! Mind blown: 衝撃的〜

Mic drop: マイクドロップ; スピーチやトークを終えた人がわざとマイクを床に落とす行為。

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