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Long time no see….

Sorry for the hiatus, I’ve been quite busy but that’s no excuse.

On with the blog….

Today’s blog is about a Japanese proverb, which is rather well know, and was taught to me by my grandfather.

I first learned the proverb was Japanese from one of my favorite English Teacher’s at Kushi JH.

The full proverb is:


“Fall seven times, rise eight times, life begins now.”

or more simply


Fall seven times and stand up eight

Deep, yet straght forward.

So let’s have some fun with it…

Quiz Time!

This quote is about…..

A) Life

B) Determination

C) Winning

D) All of the above

I’ll tell you all the answer next time.


hiatus: 中断、休止 quite: かなり

rather: かなり  Deep: 意味の深い

Life: 生命

Determination: 決断力,

Winning: 勝つこと

All of the above: 上の全部

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