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Simply Breathtaking....


Hello hello…

First, the answer to last time’s blog.

The answer was….

D) All of the above

Today’s blog is about the weather!

While visiting a kindergarten this week, I had the honor of beholding this view of Sakurajima....

...and it was quite a sight to behold.

Being from New York, the nature scenes and few and far between.

....far less a volcano.

So in this blog, I’d merely like to share these breathtaking shots.

Till next time,


I had the honor of beholding: ~を拝観する、拝見する

beholding: 見守る

sight to behold: 目を見張るもの

far less: ~よりずっと少ない

volcano: 火山

merely: ただ

breathtaking: 息をのむほど

few and far between: とてもまれな

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